Na Pali Coast State Park Tour on a boat
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Tour Na Pali Coast State Park by Boat or Plane

Na Pali means “the cliffs” in Hawaiian, a simple but fitting name for the fifteen miles of sheer green cliffs and deep valleys of Kauai’s Na Pali coast. Stretching from Ke’e Beach on the northeast shore to Polihale State Park  in the northwest, the Pali is considered one of the most strikingly beautiful coastlines in the world, with sheer jungle-covered cliffs, deep green valleys, beautiful beaches, sea caves, waterfalls, and freshwater streams.

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Remote Beauty

The Na Pali Coast has retained its wild beauty due to its inaccessibility. The only land-based route in the area is the challenging Kalalau Trail. Ancient Hawaiians used canoes to access the valleys, which offered both protection and fertile ground for taro fields. The terraced fields they used to cultivate taro can still be seen in some areas of the Pali.



Na Pali Boat Trips
Most visitors to Kauai see the Na Pali Coast by boat. Powered and sailing catamarans leave Port Allen Harbor on the south side of the island for both morning and sunset excursions, providing food, drink, and friendly service. Morning tours may offer snorkeling or scuba diving and passengers often see spinner dolphins. Sunset trips offer the opportunity to see the Na Pali Coast bathed in late afternoon light.

On calm days, kayaking tours and rigid hull boat trips allow visitors to get close to the cliffs, sea caves, and waterfalls of Na Pali. Summer offers the calmest weather, while the winter months bring the possibility of encounters with humpback whales.

Na Pali by Airna-pali-by-air-480x320.jpg
Helicopter and plane tours of Na Pali and Waimea Canyon provide an entirely different perspective of Kauai’s stunning landscape. Most air tours operate out of the Lihue Airport and fly over areas you can’t see from the ocean, including the famous Manawaiopuna Falls featured in Jurrasic Park.

Na Pali is unlike anywhere else. Whether you see it by air or from the ocean, you’ll never forget it.


Napali Coastline

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