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Best Places to Catch a Daily Sunset/Sunrise

Hawaiian sunrises and sunsets are unforgettable. No sunset is the same as another, and thanks to Hawaii’s dazzling coastlines and lookouts, you can catch the twilight brilliance from a new point of view every time.

Best Sunsets
  1. maui-sunrise-sunset-makena-beach-480x320.jpg
    Big Beach (Makena Beach), Maui

    Sunsets on Makena Beach are straight out of a postcard. The beach has soft, spacious shores, and a long coastline for first-rate viewing. It’s a perfect example of why many feel that Hawaii’s best sunsets happen on Maui’s South Shore.


  2. oahu-sunrise-sunset-sunset-beach-640x422.jpg
    Sunset Beach, Oahu

    Sunset Beach lives up to its name. The wide golden-sandy shores offer plenty of room to feel like it’s just you and the sunset. You’ll get excellent views of the setting sun from every part of the beach.

  3. kauai-sunrise-sunset-polihale-beach-640x427.jpg
    Polihale Beach, Kauai

    Polihale Beach is where you can catch a stunner of a sunset year-round on Kauai. In the winter, the sun makes its final descent behind the “Forbidden Isle” of Niihau.

Best Sunrises
  1. oahu-sunrise-sunset-lanikai-pillboxes-640x480.jpg
    Lanikai Pillboxes, Oahu

    Catch a spectacular daybreak from the tops of the Lanikai Pillboxes. Watch the sun light up the gorgeous neighborhoods, beaches, and Mokulua Islands down below. You’ll feel like you’re looking out over the entire windward coast of Oahu.

  2. hawaii-sunrise-sunset-mauna-kea-640x427.jpg
    Mauna Kea, Hawaii Island

    Imagine floating over a sea of clouds as the countless stars overhead give way to the rising sun. That’s sunrise on Mauna Kea. Wear warm clothing; the highest point in all of Hawaii is also the coldest point.

  3. maui-sunrise-sunset-haleakala-crater-640x496.jpg
    Haleakala Crater, Maui

    If you’re on Maui, the best place to watch the sunrise is from the 10,000 foot summit of Haleakala. The astounding view from the top will give you chills in every sense of the word, so dress warmly.

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