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Why Vacation in Hawaii?

Hawaii has been a popular destination for decades, and the first location many people think of when they imagine a tropical vacation. Why is Hawaii so popular though? What makes this collection of islands so special over 13 million people visit its shores every year? Why vacation in Hawaii?volcanos-national-park-hawaii-island-circles-boat-tours-360x360.jpg

Gorgeous Scenery
Hawaii offers a wealth of natural beauty, with each island possessing its own natural beauty and character. Marvel at the raw power on display at the Big Island’s Volcanoes National Park, or greet the sun atop Maui’s Haleakala Crater. Kauai is awash with beautiful waterfalls, rainbows, and white sandy Beaches, while Oahu offers a balance between gorgeous scent and the hustling crowds and high-end shopping of Honolulu.

hula-circles-circle-1-fire-knife-360x360.jpgHawaiian Culture
Hawaii’s culture is vastly different from life on the mainland, to the point where it’s easy to think you’re in a different country. You’re still in the USA, though, with no need to go through customs to experience a vibrantly different style of living. Native Hawaiian culture is on display everywhere, from elaborate luaus to graceful hula shows. You’ll also find island culture has been influenced by the descendants of immigrants brought in to work the sugar cane plantations. Try some Filipino cuisine, take in a Japanese Obon festival, or enjoy a Samoan fire dance. Unlike other countries, there’s no language barrier, only plenty of opportunity to explore other cultures!

A Deep and Abiding HistoryEXC_Hawaiian History & Culture_400x400.jpg
Hawaii’s history began with the ancient Polynesian voyagers, and the remains of villages, temples, and gathering places dot the islands. History seems less distant in Hawaii, where you’re standing at Nuuanu Pali Point, where the armies if King Kamahama conquered Oahu, or visiting the solemn USS Arizona Memorial, where those who perished in the Japanese Navy’s attack on Pearl Harbor are immortalized.

espacio-our-favorites-shopping-600x600.jpgFine Dining and World Class Shopping
Hawaii is home to Pacific fusion, a cuisine based on the many cultures of the Pacific Ocean, and each island offers exceptional dining from internationally renowned chefs. Seafood is, of course, especially popular--the fish of the day in most restaurants was usually swimming in local waters only hours before it wound up your plate.

Honolulu is the epicenter for luxury shopping, but the other islands also offer plenty of opportunities for dedicated shoppers. Black pearls, silk aloha shirts, koa wood carvings, and the precious Ni’ihau shell leis are just some of the items for sale in local shops.

The Spirit of Alohahula-circles-circle-3-hula-girl-360x360.jpg
Everyone who comes to Hawaii leaves knowing aloha means hello and goodbye, but it means so much more than that. Aloha is a way of life on the islands--a sense of caring and community that binds everyone together. Describing true aloha is almost impossible; the word doesn’t translate well into English. You’ll know it when you experience it, however, and once you experience it, you’ll never forget it.

Why vacation in Hawaii?  Because the islands are unlike anywhere else, combining the comforts of home with the exotic, the beautiful, and the amazing Aloha.

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