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Earthy Andy

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Andrea Hanneman side view smiling sitting on the sand at the beach

Andrea Hanneman

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone on the North Shore of Oahu who doesn’t recognize the smiling face of Andrea Hanneman and her family. She, along with her kids and her husband Shem (one of the brothers behind the popular Seven Brothers restaurant and food truck), can often be found exploring the outdoors or in their kitchen whipping up some healthful eats. Here, Andrea shares why she’s so in love with her North Shore lifestyle.

Hawaii’s beauty is a constant reminder to be grateful.

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Q: How does Hawaii inspire you?
A: Living in Hawaii is like living in a never-ending evolving painting. The skies and the ocean are constantly changing. There is so much movement and energy in its beauty. It’s hard not to feel inspired walking outside and breathing in the warm salty air which seems to always have notes of plumeria or some sweet flower from nearby. Hawaii’s beauty is a constant reminder to be grateful.

Q: What are some of your favorite activities to do on the island?
A: We are big beach people. Even if it’s diving in as the sun is setting, we get in the water every day. Sometimes just for a dip but we love to swim, surf, boogie board, paddle board, or even just float! Besides that, we love to go eat at local places, find new hikes, and find new skate parks to skateboard.

Q: Where do you live and what do you love most about your neighborhood?
A: We live on the North Shore of Oahu. The ocean is our biggest paradise. We live and breathe in the ocean every day. I love the people more than anything though, there is a strong supportive community here. I love the simplicity to life out here. Sometimes I go a week without getting into my car. Most everything I need I can reach on foot or bike.

Q: Your favorite breakfast spot is...
A: We have a lot actually. We love Haleiwa Bowls and Island Vintage, and Coffee Gallery and the Beet Box Cafe do great breakfasts!

Q: Your go-to lunch spot is...
A: Celestial Foods. In the back they have good sandwiches, or the Beet Box Cafe. I think my favorite though is Pupukea Grill! The Greek Goddess Salad (I ask for no feta) is big and amazing!

Q: Your favorite local brands include...
A: Oh gosh, I have a lot. There are a lot of amazing swimsuit lines and jewelry inspired by Hawaii. I seem to always wear washed up Jewelry by Mia Russi, and a simple necklace by Noelani Hawaii. They are both my neighbors. Go to Guava Shop and you will discover all sorts of great local brands.

Q: Favorite shops include...
A: Guava Shop for clothes and bikinis, Noelani studio has amazing jewerly, and Mia Russi just opened her own shop, The Rocky Point Collective!

Q: Raising kids in Hawaii is...
A: Simple! I feel so lucky to have the island as our playing ground. Kids learn so much from nature and are happiest when outside. The North Shore is an amazing place to raise kids because of nature and the nature of people which is kind and loving. There is a lot of love and support for kids and family. Most everything is done together as a family.

Q: Where do you go to get away (in Hawaii)?
A: If I want to get away, I swim out far and dive as deep as I can. That is where I feel the most secluded and where I go to clear my mind.

Q: Hidden gem(s):
A: There aren't many hidden gems left and the ones that are need to stay that way and be discovered by those who stumble upon them.

Q: Your weekend agenda:
A: Surf, beach, sunset, probably Banzai Sushi or BBQ with friends and family.

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