Waimea Canyon Kauai
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Grand Views at the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’

You’re guaranteed breathtaking scenes when you hike any trail, mountain, or crater in Hawaii and the Grand Canyon of the Pacific is no exception. Waimea Canyon has views that will make you want to pinch yourself to make sure it’s real. The Canyon itself is a red-colored, 3500 feet deep, 14 miles long geographic wonder.

Hiking the canyon will be good for both your body and soul. Get a great workout while the majesty of nature reminds you what really matters. 

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  1. Hiking in Waimea Canyon

    Choose hikes that lead you to five different valleys, beaches, a steep canyon, waterfalls, and rainforests--the diversity of trails around Waimea Canyon is extraordinary.

  2. Biking in Waimea Canyon

    Cycle wild and free downhill on a paved trail from the lava rock landscape of Waimea Canyon to the plant rich Kokee State Park. 

  3. Helicopter tours over Waimea Canyon
    Helicopter Tour

    Book a helicopter tour for a panoramic view of Waimea Canyon in all its red, craggy, deep and beautiful glory. You will also see aerial views of the the Napali coast and Mt Waialeale.

  4. Driving through Waimea Canyon State Park

    When you don’t have the time for long hikes, Waimea Canyon Drive allows you to enjoy the wilderness of Waimea Canyon from the comfort of your car.