Hawaii Volcanos National Park lava flow
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Hawaii’s Newest Park

The Volcano symbolizes creation in Hawaii because the Islands were made by erupting underwater volcanoes, whose lava would cool in the ocean, build up, and create land. It was a process that began several million years ago. And it continues to this day on Hawaii Island.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is home to two volcanoes: The massive Mauna Loa, and the presently-erupting Kilauea. Kilauea’s wild lava flows are building brand new shores around the clock, increasing Hawaii Island’s size by over 42 acres a year. But hot lava flows are just one of the attractions. Dramatic hiking trails and dynamic drives also make this park exciting.

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  1. Couple hiking at Volcanoes National Park

    Many of the greatest hiking trails in Hawaii are in Volcanoes National Park. Hawaii Island’s biodiversity will be on full display as you hike through several climate zones. You’ll be rewarded with glowing craters, historic petroglyphs, and spectacular summit views.

  2. Driving down Craters Road

    The Chain of Craters Road is an incredible stretch of road that ascends over 3,500 feet as you drive through the park. It connects to the Crater Rim Drive, where you’ll drive through diverse landscapes to Kilauea’s oozing craters. Stop by the volcanic themed Jagger Museum along the way.

  3. Boat tour watching lava flow into the ocean
    Boat Tour

    On the coastal edge of the park, there are spots where molten lava flows into the ocean from underground passages. On some days, you can really get a show when a “fire-hose” of lava spouts into the sea. Take a boat tour of Kamokuna to get in on the action. New shores are being created every second of the day, so no two trips are the same.

  4. Volcanoes National Park by helicopter
    Helicopter Tour

    In 60-90 minutes, you can see all of Volcanoes National Park by helicopter. Fly by lava flows that your car can’t take you to. Soar over Kilauea’s summit to get an overhead view of Hawaii Island’s expanding shores.