The Most Instagram Worthy Views In Hawaii

Instagram was made for Hawaii. Waterfalls, colorful fish, vivid rainbows, amazing food … just smile, post and tag #ShareTheAloha. 

For those #nofilter photos that look too good to be true, visit the following locations:

  1. Waikiki Beach Sunset
    Waikiki Beach At Sunset

    For that classic tropical vacation photo, the one with the palm trees on the beach and multi-hued sun dipping into the ocean, visit Waikiki Beach at sunset. 


  2. Makapuu Lighthouse
    Makapuu Lighthouse

    This is the lighthouse from the movie 50 First Dates. The red dome of the lighthouse, juxtaposed with the indigo blue Pacific Ocean, will create a lust-worthy photo.

  3. Lanikai Pillbox view
    Lanikai Beach/Lanikai Pillboxes Hike

    Put your panoramic feature to good use at the top of the Lanikai Pillboxes hike. It has the most stunning view of the ocean, the Mokulua Islands, and the city below. Then stroll to the nearby white sand beach for that classic tropical selfie. 

  1. Waimea Canyon Lookout
    Waimea Canyon Lookout

    Deep valley gorges, red earth, and an expanse that is awe-inspiring. What more could you want in your photo? Include friends, family and yourself to show the majestic scale. 


  2. Napali Coast
    Sea Caves Napali Coast

    You will discover many hidden sea caves as you sail along the Napali Coast. These caves are perfect for taking a shot of the ever changing colors and conditions of the coast. 

  3. Manawaiopuna Falls
    Manawaiopuna Falls

    Take a photo of a gushing waterfall nestled in the most amazing greenery as you hover from above in a helicopter. Now you have your own souvenir from “Jurassic Park.”

  1. Road to Hana
    Road to Hana

    There are so many opportunities to take a stunning photo of the incredible scenery on the Road to Hana. You can photograph surfers riding waves at Hookipa lookout and share a picture of the black sand beach at Waianapanapa State Park with your followers. Also on the road to Hana, the Seven Sacred Pools has tier after tier of waterfalls that eventually lead to a pool. The pool is located in an amazing rainforest and surrounded by serene bamboo trees. 

  2. Heart Rock Maui
    Heart Rock Maui

    Video or livestream water shooting out of the Nakalele blowhole here, but be careful not to slip and fall on the rocks. Behind the blowhole, your inner romantic can search for the instagram-famous heart shaped puka (hole) in a rock.


  3. Haleakala

    Sunrise, mid-day or sunset, whenever you choose, visit Haleakala. It will be be gorgeous. Be prepared to see the sun glowing brightly atop rugged craters and a dormant volcano. 

Hawaii Island
  1. Mauna Kea
    Top of Mauna Kea

    Take a photo of yourself at 13,000 feet, above the clouds! Be sure to also take a few shots of the unreal, pillowy clouds at an altitude that makes them seem close enough to touch.

  2. Volcanoes National Park
    Kilauea Volcano, Volcanoes National Park

    How often do you get to hike an active volcano? Here, you can see and photograph molten hot lava from a safe distance.

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