Kualoa Ranch mountain range
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Art Galleries and Museums

From Classic To Cutting Edge - Art In Hawaii

Hawaii has hundreds of classical and contemporary art events that range from gallery crawls with vivid paintings, to D-I-Y ceramic molding classes, to exhibitions of 300 year-old Hawaiian artifacts.

As the backdrop of Hollywood blockbusters like Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor and more recently, The Descendants, it is only natural that the islands host two incredible film festivals -- the Hawaiian International Film Festival in Honolulu and the Maui Film Festival.

You can also train your artistic eye here. If you have ever seen the clouds settle above the mountains, or the sun dip into the indigo ocean and thought about capturing the moment, you can book a nature photography tour on all four islands.   

Must Do:
Aerial shot of Kauai
Must Go:
Oahu Lighthouse
Vicki G.

"The Maui Film Festival exceeded my expectations. It was the most mind-blowing way I have ever watched a movie."

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