Kona Coast on the Island of Hawaii
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The Sunny & Yummy Coast

The Kona Coast is a delicious part of Hawaii Island. Coffee and macadamia nuts famously grow here, but so do cocoa, fruit, and tea. The honey farms are sweet and the breweries are cool. Foodies and sun lovers alike will enjoy this part of Hawaii Island, which is also known as the “Big Island.”

History fills the coast as much as farmland does. You can visit museums, cultural organizations, and places once frequented by Hawaii’s first king. The sunlit coastline also boasts the greatest snorkeling spots on Hawaii Island, where you can sunbathe at one of the few black sand beaches around the world and maybe even see some sea turtles while you’re there.

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  1. Farm & Brewery Tours
    Farm & Brewery Tours

    There are over 600 farms in the Kona district. Be sure to visit at least one coffee and nut farm. Learn all about the process of harvesting and exporting crops on a farm or brewery tour. And be sure to taste the fruits of their labor.

  2. Suba diving on the Kona Coast
    Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

    Get in over your head on the Kona Coast. It’s the best place to snorkel on Hawaii Island. If you’re new to snorkeling, or are short on time, head to Kahaluu Beach Park. It’s a tranquil honu (sea-turtle) habitat with a high concentration of fish.

  3. Shopping at Alii Gardens Market place

    The Kona Coast has a nice mix of independent stores, bargain shops, and art galleries. The Alii Gardens Marketplace is a hotspot. You’re sure to find a fancy memento or a scrumptious Hawaiian treat in this open-air garden market.

  4. Golfing on the Kona Coast

    On the Kona Coast, you can golf with peacocks and pheasants amidst cinder cones and stupendous island views. Good luck trying to find a course like that on the mainland.