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Services Provided


Complete Condo Administration Services

Aqua-Aston provides a complete range of condominium administration services. We tailor our approach to best serve each unique property. Some of the services we provide are described below.

Accounting Services

  • Accounting Services
  • Timely financials 
  • Delinquency correspondence and tracking 
  • Modified accrual accounting 
  • Accounts Receivables and Payables 
  • Surepay Direct Deposit 
  • Escrow requests 
  • Coupons or statements

IT Support

  • 24/7 online support for reservations and front desk
  • Online development and training
  • Remote desktop access

HR Support and Staffing

  • Management of staff, as appropriate, including:
    • Payroll support for staffing  
    • Online and on-site training
    • Workday processes and goal setting
    • Concur travel and expense management
  • Employee benefits, as appropriate, including:
    • 401K, PTO, Medical, Dental
    • Employee and family discounts for hotel stays 
    • Employee Assistance Program


  • Custom budgeting 
  • Owner mailing services
  • Annual budget preparation support, including research into anticipated expense increases, negotiations on up-to-date contract items, and long-range planning for replacement of major building components.

Reserve study administration support, including providing our recommendation for specialized reserve study partners equipped to deliver funding plans for the operating budgets or any special projects.



Document Review and Recommendation

  • Review condominium documents to properly manage the common elements and the association. 
  • Make recommendations to improve common elements.
  • Require that special attention be placed on complying with capital replacement reserve funding rules. 
  • Review the common elements of a property annually for future replacements. 
  • Assist in the completion of a reserve component study with the assistance of professional reserve consultants and the use of their reserve planning software.



Board of Director Meetings

  • Work with the board of directors to create an agenda, assemble informational packets for each meeting and distribute the minutes of all meetings. 
  • Attend all Board of Director and membership meetings
  • Provide recording secretary support for Board of Director and membership meetings
  • Prepare meeting notices, proxies, and agendas and help organize annual membership meetings. 
  • Provide staffing support for membership meetings
  • Attend monthly Board of Directors’ meetings and prepare meeting minutes in compliance with all applicable laws.



Education and Administrative Support

Ongoing Management Training    
The provision of regular training to our associates is very important and plays an important role in successful management. Aqua-Aston holds periodic seminars to ensure on-site managers maintain a high level of knowledge and are informed about changes in the law and methods to further improve the operation of the common elements. Seminar topics include but are not limited to fire and emergency procedures, cable versus satellite television service, energy conservation, insurance coverage and claims (with an emphasis on prevention), minimizing risk exposure, and facility preparedness for disasters.

Emergency Maintenance 
Whenever there is an emergency, your property management team will respond, no matter the time of day or night, and work through the emergency to ensure the safety and well-being of homeowners, tenants, guests, and the overall property.

Major Improvement Projects
Our experience supporting associations with construction, architecture, design, purchasing, and financial planning for major projects is diverse. We support associations with a full range of projects, both small and large.


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