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Shortstack powers lead forms on some of our websites. They use cookies to store preferences. store lead form information and aggregate data.
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TripTease tracks rates on OTAs and reports on parity issues. It also displays cart abandonment offers to help with conversion.
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Vimeo tracks view count of videos we display and provides insights on demographics of viewers.
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StayWanderful offers rewards to guests who book direct, and provides reports on the types of rewards that attract the most bookings.
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Liveperson provides demographic information about guests who engage our call center agents with questions about existing bookings, and questions about potential vacations.
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VWO tracks guest movement across variations of content to help identify what style and messaging provide the best conversion.
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Sojern is an advertising platform that utilizes data from airline and hotel partner websites to allow advertisers to reach people actively researching travel.
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