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Food and beverage featuring fried fish with sauces on the side, prepared green beans and carrots.

A culinary commitment to Hawaii

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Eric Faivre

Chef Eric Faivre is a leader that advocates sustainability. He is committed to consistently support the agriculture in Hawaii. Although it may not always be easy, he finds a way to make it work from the daily meals they serve in the hotels and resorts to bigger events and venues. Ultimately, everyone benefits from the positive impact to the local businesses, a healthier marketplace, a greater selection of tasty meal options and less waste.

Less stressful dining experience and healthier options!

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Q: What are some creative and cost-effective ways hoteliers can implement F&B at their hotels that can see a great return on investment?
A: Three ideas come to mind:

  1. Forget the traditional set meals concept restaurant and develop a creative and complete continuous all-day Food and Beverage offering. The key word is complete, so you are still catering to specific meal periods, but with great available selection for other meal periods.
  2. Nothing new or ground breaking but continue catering to “Locavore”. Especially for us in Hawaii, not only it strengthens the local economy, but encourages our guests to discover new and fun items and make a stronger connection with the islands.
  3. Be flexible and offer creative options for most dietary restrictions.

Q: Why is a great F&B program essential to a hotel?
A: F&B used to be non-profit producing departments. Now the focus has completely changed. A lot of hotel restaurants / bars are setting trends while featuring venues operated as join ventures with celebrity chefs. F&B isn’t an afterthought anymore but a focus. I strongly believe a hotel can substantially increase occupancy by operating a trendy successful F&B program on property. When booking a hotel for business or pleasure, a great restaurant on site is 90% of the time a decisive factor.

Q: What are some F&B trends that hoteliers need to keep their eyes on in the coming year, and why are they important?
A: According to experts, fast casual dining and the demand for creative plant base items on restaurant menus are two of the major trends for 2019. And I fully agree with it. Less stressful dining experience and healthier options!

Q: How does wellness play into F&B offerings at hotels? Is there anything operators can keep top of mind to appeal to this trend? How about sustainability in F&B?
A: Although on vacation, guests are now more active and a good percentage wants to see a healthier, lighter and fresher selection: locally grown fruits in plates or smoothies, market fresh juices, Chefs – Local Farmers connection mentioned on the menu, etc… When it comes to sustainability (or food security for us in Hawaii), we, in the food industry need to continue leading the movement by supporting our local farmers and ranchers, support sustainable fisheries and develop more relationships with educational ventures dedicated to ag development in our state.

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