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Ziplline Costa Rica's Miramar Canopy
Zipline and Canopy Tour
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Zipline Costa Rica's Miramar Canopy

If you stay at ground level in Costa Rica’s magnificent forests you’ll see an abundance of plant and animal life but miss what’s taking place high above your head. Formed by mature tree crowns, the canopy of the rainforest is home to animals, birds and plants not easily visible from the ground. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the jungle from the perspective of a spider monkey?

When you zipline Costa Rica’s Miramar canopy you can do just that. Ziplines and canopy tours provide a thrilling, monkey-eye-view of the forest’s towering trees, waterfalls and mountain ranges.

Some tours offer ziplines above the trees, while others take you on thrilling rides through the canopy itself. The Miramar zip lines are especially thrilling. You’ll soar over seventeen acres of virgin forest with unparalleled views of the Golfo Dulce.

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Safety and Ziplining

Speeding through a mile of rain forest canopy 138 feet in the air may sound dangerous, but state-of-the-art technology along with trained guides make the experience safe and fun. Ziplining is also an effortless activity, unlike strenuous hiking or rock-climbing, and is appropriate for people of all ages, including children.

Night Tours
The rainforest canopy changes at night. Imagine gliding through the forest towards an illuminated platform, the stars and moon reflected on the calm waters of the Golfo Dulce. That’s the view you’ll enjoy if you choose to zip line Costa Rica’s Miramar Canopy at night. Night zipline tours are great for visitors who focus on activities such as fishing or hiking while the sun’s up.

sstock_60751675-480x360.jpgHorse Rides and Ziplining
Miramar is a fifteen-minute drive by car or catch a taxi ride from the resorts in Puerto Jimenez. For those who enjoy the outdoors, you also have the option to make arrangements to travel back and forth on horseback from Drake Bay.


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