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Roller Coaster Ride at Busch Gardens Orlando
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Seek Thrills at Busch Gardens®

Busch Gardens® is the roller coaster capital of Florida, but the theme park offers much more than death-defying thrills. The park is home to 12,000 animals, awe-inspiring shows, and fun seasonal events.

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Busch Gardens® Roller Coasters

If you love the adrenaline rush that comes seconds before a rollercoaster car plummets into a wild ride, Busch Gardens® is for you. The park is home to seven different roller coasters, from the 200-foot tall floorless Sheikra and inverted Montu to the kid-friendly Air Grover. 2019 will see the opening of an eighth rollercoaster, the Tigris--which with a 150-foot skyward surge is the tallest rollercoaster in Florida.

Sudden Drops and Sudden Stops
Looking for some none-roller coaster thrills? Busch Gardens® includes two drop towers--the 335-foot Falcon’s Fury and the family-friendly Jungala, which launches out of a 35-foot mountain crater for a thrilling view of the Jungala Village.

If you’d rather cool off on a hot Florida day, take a tour on the Congo River Rapids, a whitewater adventure that features waterfalls, a water cave, and water spray jets. Or take a trip on the Stanley Falls Flume, which winds through a jungle on its way to a forty-foot splashdown.

orlando-busch-gardens-animals-360X360.jpgBusch Gardens® Animal Experiences
Busch Gardens® includes a wide variety of animal life, including tigers, lions and endangered gorillas. Animal-loving kids (and adults) can hand feed kangaroos, flamingos and many other animals. You can take a train through the 65-acres Serengeti Plain, have a close encounter with a sloth, or tour the facility’s animal care center. The skyride cable car offers a view of Busch Gardens® animals and attractions from 50-feet in the air and runs across the park.





Rollercoaster ride at Busch Gardens
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Family-Friendly Entertainment

Busch Gardens® puts on live shows every day, so there’s always something to see, from ice performances to concerts and children’s shows. Shows change depending on the season, so be sure to check the Busch Gardens® website before going.

To reach Busch Gardens® from Orlando, take the I-4 to Tampa Bay.

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