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Group of people hanging on in a raft ride on the water at Animal Kingdom
Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Get Wild at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Part of the Walt Disney World Resort®, Disney's Animal Kingdom® is the largest theme park in the world. There you will find 580 acres of rides and animal habitats just waiting to be explored. The park is designed to provide rides and thrills guests expect from Disney without causing the animals any discomfort and is dedicated to worldwide animal conservation.

While the stars of the Disney's Animal Kingdom are definitely the animals, the park is also home to long-dead dinosaurs and the breathtaking beasts that call the moon of Pandora home. It will take at least a day to experience everything the park has to offer.

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The Tree of Life
The centerpiece of the park, the Tree of Life is an enormous artificial Boab tree that stands 145-feet high. Inside the 50-foot wide trunk guests can watch the It’s Tough to Be a Bug 3D movie, based on Pixar’s A Bug’s Life.
The oldest of the animal attractions at the park, Africa offers a chance to visit the fictional village of Harambe and take an open-side safari tour to view wild dogs, hyena, rhino, cheetah, giraffe and elephant. The park’s rhinos and elephants have both calved in the past, and some of the park’s rhinos have been reintroduced into the African Wilds.

orlando-animal-kingdom-ride-360X360.jpgRafiki’s Planet Watch
Connected to Africa by the Wildlife Express Train is Rafiki’s Animal Watch, where guests can tour the park’s behind the scenes facilities, learn how to create wildlife habitats around their own homes, and interact with a variety of domesticated animals at the petting zoo.

Pandora--The World of Avatar
One of the Disney Animal Kingdom’s newest attractions, Pandora opens up the lush moon from James Cameron’s Avatar for exploration. Take a hair-raising ride on a banshee over Pandora in an 3D augmented reality flight simulator, and enjoy a boat ride through the eerie glowing rainforests the Navi call home.

In the Asia portion of the Disney Animal Kingdom®, thrill-seekers can ride the Expedition Everest roller coaster (watch out for the yeti) or get wet on the River Rapids whitewater ride. While in Asia, be sure to check out the Flights of Wonder live bird show, and learn a little about bird behavior from expert trainers.

orlando-dino-land-360X360.jpgDinoLand USA
We promised dinosaurs at the beginning of this article, didn’t we? The Disney Animal Kingdom® provides all the prehistoric thrills you could ask for with DinoLand USA®. Guests can take a trip to the Late Cretaceous on the Dinosaur dark thrill ride, or get dizzy on the Primeval Whirl spinning roller coaster.



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