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Giant crocodile lying in a shallow pond
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See You Later at Gatorland

Home to thousands of alligators and crocodiles, Gatorland® is much more than the “Alligator Capital of the World". It is home to an aviary, a petting zoo, rides and one-of-a-kind reptile shows. Gatorland is a surprisingly relaxing low-tech adventure park, even though there are a lot of natural thrills to experience.

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Gator Wrestling and Conservation
Gatorland® is home to over 2,000 alligators, ranging in size from hatchlings to the park’s rare giant white alligators. Many of the park’s scaly residents were rescued “nuisance gators” that would have otherwise been trapped for their meat and skins, so the park fulfills an important conservation role.
The Park is known for its amazing reptile shows, where massive alligators jump four feet or more out of the water, and for gator wrestling, a set of alligator capturing techniques that have become a sport. For a truly different experience, the Gator Night Shine takes you along the wooden walkways of the park's Breeding March at night with flashlights and gator food.
More than Just Gators
Crocs and alligators aren’t the only critters to call Gatorland® home. Pythons, rattlesnakes, and other snakes make their home at the Mile of Monsters, while giant tortoises walk with comical dignity around their compound. Flamingos wade on their own island, emus strut in their enclosure, and the cockatoos, amazon parrots, and Macaws show off at the Parrot Playground. One of the most popular bird-based attractions is the Very Merry Aviary, where you can feed hundreds of budgerigars. Guests are invited to hand feed them with a birdseed stick.


Zipline through the Park
Imagine hurtling 65-feet above the swamp as hundreds of alligators and crocodiles prowl below you. That is the experience and thrill you'll get with the Screamin’ Gator zipline, voted the best zipline in the USA by AOL Travel. Gatorland’s second zipline, the Gator Gauntlet, is suitable for guests with mobility issues.



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Getting to Gatorland & Tickets

Gatorland® is located about twenty minutes from Walt Disney World on Highway 441.

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