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At Aqua-Aston, we’ve been in the business of sharing aloha since 1948.

FUN FACTS – did you know?

We’re local. Our company was established on Oahu in 1948 by the Tatibouet family, and to this day we maintain our corporate headquarters here on Oahu.

We’re big. We are one of Hawaii’s largest hotel and resort management companies, with more than 24 hotels and resorts on all four major islands and beyond.

We’re innovative. Aston Hotels established the very first condo-hotel; we operate the state’s only 24/7 call center staffed by locals; and our reef-safe sunscreen campaign was the first of its kind to influence the new legislation that passed in 2018 to help protect our coral reefs from bleaching for generations to come. We think that’s pretty neat!

We are proud of our 70-year legacy, but also grateful to our community for the support we’ve received over the years. So, we want to take this opportunity not only to celebrate our milestone, but to celebrate our community by continuing to advocate for a number of causes that represent our core values as a company.

These include celebrating Hawaii’s host culture, supporting initiatives that embrace tolerance, equality and diversity; and driving Green Business initiatives throughout our organization to help protect our natural environment.

We hope that by commemorating our 70th year, our celebration will provide a platform that encourages others to feel a sense of pride our Hawaii home while participating in our #ShareTheAloha campaign.

Our celebration officially kicked off on Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2018 and will run through April 2019. Follow us @aquaaston and our hashtag #ShareTheAloha for the latest. There are three components to our campaign, plus there will be prizes!

Aqua-Aston Hospitality Celebrating 70 Years

Add To My Travel Log

Organize your favorite pages for an upcoming trip in one place.

#ShareTheAloha Campaign

Being kind to others is rewarding, invaluable, and doesn't cost a thing.

  • Every Tuesday, we will feature one of the many Hawaii-based non-profits or causes we support on social media, to raise public awareness about the good work they do for our community. Follow us @aquaaston and our hashtag #ShareTheAloha.
  • You can participate in the campaign by bestowing random acts of aloha to others in your life. For example, we can all #ShareTheAloha by greeting someone we don’t know with a big smile, picking up a piece of rubbish that’s not ours, or by telling someone what we appreciate about them. We hope that everyone will get involved and feel a sense of pride about Hawaii’s unique culture of aloha by getting involved.
  • 1. Nominate Someone Who Exudes Aloha: In the spirit of paying it forward, we will be asking the community to send us nominations of someone who embraces the spirit of aloha, demonstrates it in all that they do, and inspires others to do the same, so we can recognize them. OR
  • 2. Tell Us Your Story: Have you experienced Aloha lately? Tell us how and you will be entered to win one of our exciting prizes.
  • To enter, simply follow @aquaaston and use the #sharethealoha to share your nomination or your story.
  • We will be giving away a number of free vacation nights to deserving members of our community! We will select the winners from the nominations received, and from the #ShareTheAloha stories submitted.
  • Be sure to follow @aquaaston and use the #ShareTheAloha hashtag for all the latest updates.
Sharing is Caring