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Feel the energy of a growing island. With an active volcano, stunning waterfalls and rainforests, and world-famous snorkeling, Hawaii Island has 8 of the world's 13 climate zones. An island so unique and intriguing that many call it a natural phenomena.

Top Picks

  1. Lava flowing out of Kilauea Hawaii

    Kilauea is Hawaii’s active volcano. This 4,091 foot dynamo has been constantly erupting for over 30 years. Kilauea’s Halemaumau Crater is believed to be the home of the Ancient Hawaiian fire goddess Pele, and you can hike or drive to pay her a visit. Just don’t take her lava rocks.

  2. Mauna Loa Hawaii
    Mauna Loa

    Mauna Loa is the largest subaerial volcano in the world. Two thirds of Hawaii Island are on it, and it gradually rises to a towering height of 13,679 feet. Though it hasn’t erupted in over 30 years, it remains active to this day. Experienced backpackers can hike and camp near its summit.

  3. Thurston lava tube Hawaii
    Thurston Lava Tube

    The Thurston Lava Tube is a 600 foot tunnel made out of hardened lava. It’s less than two miles from the entrance to the park, and looks like a prehistoric jungle cave. The tube usually has lighting, but bring your flashlight to explore its darker parts.

  4. Hiking Hawaii Island

    Many of the greatest hiking trails in Hawaii are in Volcanoes National Park. Hawaii Island’s biodiversity will be on full display as you hike through several climate zones. You’ll be rewarded with glowing craters, historic petroglyphs, and spectacular summit views.

  5. Crater Rim drive Hawaii
    Crater Rim Drive

    The Chain of Craters Road is an incredible stretch of road that ascends over 3,500 feet as you drive through the park. It connects to the Crater Rim Drive, where you’ll drive through diverse landscapes to Kilauea’s oozing craters. Stop by the volcanic themed Jagger Museum along the way.

  6. Boat tour lava Hawaii
    Boat Tour

    On the coastal edge of the park, there are spots where molten lava flows into the ocean from underground passages. On some days, you can really get a show when a “fire-hose” of lava spouts into the sea. Take a boat tour of Kamokuna to get in on the action. New shores are being created every second of the day, so no two trips are the same.

  7. Road trip Hawaii
    Road Trip

    Spend a day driving around Hawaii’s largest island. Explore the charming historic town of Hilo and find unique shops and eateries. Drive through lush forests and see waterfalls as you head toward Waikoloa for some beach hopping and shopping. Drive onward to Kona for coffee tours and visit historic sites. The terrain is endless on the island with 10 of the earth’s 14 different climate zones - your trip will be truly unforgettable.

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