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Crocodile Bay Resort
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Travel Information

Crocodile Bay is easy to get to from anywhere in the Americas via San Jose Costa Rica International Airport (SJO) but there are a few things you need to know when planning your trip. Review these FAQ’s and you’ll be ready to travel to the beautiful Osa Peninsula.

International Flights – Delays or Changes
If there are any changes in your departure or arrival time, please call us so we can advise our San Jose transfer staff. Check your luggage through to San José, Costa Rica. If luggage is misplaced by your airline DON’T PANIC! Provide them with the following local contact information for notification when the bags may be claimed: Carlos Zuñiga – local cell phone # 8711-5804.

After you clear immigration & customs authorities and leave the building, watch for the Go Easy Travel representative wearing a yellow shirt, holding a VIP Crocodile Bay Resort sign with the last name of your party. Then we can begin to assist with your luggage.

NatureAir Weight Notice:
Notice is given regarding our domestic air carriers weight policy. This is for the safety and well being of the passengers, and we urge your cooperation regarding this serious (and somewhat awkward) matter. Please feel free to contact us or Natureair with questions, or to notify us of your desire to purchase a second seat in accordance with the policy. Thanks for your cooperation.

All Costa Rican Airlines’ Personal Weight Restrictions – 250 lbs. each
The domestic airlines require the weight of all passengers. Please provide weight when making your reservation. Passengers weighing more than 250 lbs. are required to pay for an extra seat, which is an additional charge. This is best reserved prior to flight date when the fare is discounted approximately 20% and the seat is available, but if you wait until time of departure there is no discount or guarantee you will be allowed to board. All passengers will be weighed prior to check-in. This is for your safety.

Local Flight Update
Go Easy Travel drivers will always pre-arrange the next pick-up time with you. They will get you to the NatureAir or Sansa Check-In 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure flight time. Passport will be required. Flights close 20 min. before departure and passengers not checked in before are not guaranteed boarding. Please be on time meeting our drivers in the Hotel Lobby.

Please visit or Sansa for further details.

Do I need any shots before visiting Costa Rica?
Please visit the Center for Disease Control’s website at for current traveler’s health topics and recommendations, or consult your doctor with any concerns.

Do I need a passport to travel to Costa Rica?
Yes. A valid U.S. Passport that will not expire until at least 6 months after your return (the date of return) to the United States is required. This is a NEW policy and many travel and airline agents may not yet be aware of it. You may stay in Costa Rica for up to 90 days without a visa but you need a passport. For U.S. Passport information visit

Do I have to spend the night in San Jose on the day of arrival into Costa Rica and on the night before departure?
Depending on your time of international arrival and departure into/from Costa Rica, we may be able to eliminate your overnights in San Jose. The last flight down to our lodge in the high season (Dec 1-April 20) departs at 3:15 pm and in the low season (April 21-Nov 30) departs at 10:45 am. You would need to arrive at SJO three and a half hours prior to those departure times to make the flight to Crocodile Bay Resort. From Puerto Jimenez back to San Jose the earliest flight departs at 7:00 am and arrives in San Jose at approximately 8:10am year round. If your connecting flight back to the states departs after 11 am, you will be able to avoid a San Jose Hotel sleepover for your final night. From December 1 to April 20th the last flight back to San Jose is 4:30pm each day. It is possible to fish from 7am until 3:15 pm, a regular fishing day, before you depart Crocodile Bay Lodge. Call Reservations at 1-855-945-4162 for the details.

How long is the flight from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez?
45 minutes

How much baggage can I bring?
30 lbs. for luggage and 10 lbs. for carry-on. NatureAir or Sansa imposes a baggage weight restriction of 30 lbs. per person for one checked bag and 10 lbs. for carry-on and camera equipment.

Do I need to bring my own fishing equipment?
Crocodile Bay Resort does provide conventional fishing equipment. Though if you have a “lucky” rod and reel, you can bring your own. Fly fishermen may want to bring their own special fly fishing equipment. Please consolidate rods in a tube if you do bring your own, to make traveling with it easier and protect against damage.

Does Crocodile Bay Resort provide equipment for the eco tours?

How long do the eco tours last?
Tours leave after breakfast and return by 4pm. Half-day tours return at noon.

Should I bring insect repellent?
There are bugs in Costa Rica. For the most part the bugs keep to themselves, but there are those people who are especially attractive to biting insects (you know who you are). The lodge does have air-conditioning and screens on the room windows. Though, for added protection you may want to bring a bug repellent. We recommend a repellent with DEET as the active ingredient. There is also a gift shop at the lodge where you can purchase bug repellent, and other sundries, if you forget to bring your own.

Do I need to tip? If so, how much?
Tipping Suggestions

Captains Fishing Captains – $25-$50 per angler. It is preferable to tip directly to the captain in cash at the end of the fishing day. However, you may always choose to pay your tips at the end of your stay with your credit card or cash, just advise the name of your Captain and or Mate. Tower boat captains will share the tips with the mate. You may have different Captains for inshore and offshore fishing.

Staff Resort Staff (chef/ kitchen staff, wait staff, bartenders and housekeeping) – app. $15 per person per day as a tip ‘pool’ which can be added to your room account at checkout for disbursement.

Guides Eco-tour Guides – $10 per person for a half-day tour, or $20 per person for a full-day tour, depending on the extent of the services. It is preferable to tip the guide in cash at the end of the tour or you can leave the tip to your guide (advise name of guide) upon check-out. The guides will share the tips with the driver on tours that involve a driver.

SPA Therapists Spa Therapists – Spa Therapists – $10 to $20 depending on the treatment / package that you are having. It is preferable to tip directly to the therapist in cash at the end of the spa treatment or you can leave the tip to your therapist (advise name of therapist) upon check-out.

Drivers Go Easy Travel staff in San Jose are not Crocodile Bay Resort employees and are not included in the staff tip pool. If you use one of the Resort’s drivers or guides for local transportation, please tip separately at your discretion.

What kind of credit cards and ATM cards are accepted?
Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards are accepted in Costa Rica and at Crocodile Bay Lodge. ATM cash machines are available in San Jose only. Puerto Jimenez has a 24 machine that allows cash advances on most major credit cards if your account offers cash advance via a pin#. Check with the bank that issud your credit card for obtaining a pin.

Is there laundry service at Crocodile Bay Lodge?
Yes, there is laundry service for a small fee (approx. $0.50-3.00 per item)

Are there hair dryers in the rooms?
Hair dryers are available in each room.

Are there phones in the rooms?

Are there TV’s in the rooms?
No. The TV in the bar area does have Direct TV with access to U.S. News and sports programs. We also get the “Sunday Ticket” during the football season so guests can enjoy their favorite teams after a day of fishing or a half day of eco touring and relaxing.

How much money should I convert to local currency?
Don’t go overboard converting dollars to “colones”. Its difficult and expensive to convert back to dollars. Many establishments in Costa Rica welcome American dollars, and any charges incurred at Crocodile Bay Lodge can be paid with Visa or Mastercard. The front desk at your hotel in San Jose can assist you with currency conversion if you wish to carry colones. The exchange rate is around 570 colones to $1.00.

Do I need trip/travel insurance?
Travel/Trip insurance is strongly recommended for many reasons. Insure your trip against additional expenses due to sickness, baggage loss, flight cancellations, medical emergencies and other unforeseeable circumstances. Click here to sign-up

Departure tax:
Departure tax from Costa Rica is $26 and is payable in colones or U.S. dollars.

Important Phone Numbers while in Costa Rica!

San Jose Logistics – Go Easy Travel –
Airport Pickup Contact Carlos Zuñiga Cell # 011-506 8711-5804

Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica Front Desk – 011 506 2735-5632

FAX: 011-506-2-735-5633

Hotel Doubletree Cariari by Hilton, San Jose 011-506-2239-0022

Hotel Sleep Inn 011-506-2-521-6500

U.S. Embassy 011-506-2-220-3939, Nights/emergencies: 011-506-2-220-3127

Dial 911 for Police Emergencies in Costa Rica
*When calling from within Costa Rica dialing (011) or (506) is not necessary!

Crocodile Bay Resort
Costado Este del Aeropuerto de Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica 
Toll Free Reservations: 855-945-4171
Property Direct: +1-506-2735-5631