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Crocodile Bay Resort
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Have an epic outdoor adventure. Or be at leisure and do nothing at all. The wonderful thing about Costa Rica is no matter how you choose to fill your days, it will always be extraordinary. Let the magic of nature's raw beauty fulfill your vacation dreams.

Top Picks

  1. Osa Penninsula Costa Rica
    Osa Peninsula

    The Osa Peninsula is a nature lover’s paradise. The region’s rainforests, mountains, and expansive South Pacific coastline are home to thousands of rare and endangered animals. Hike, dive, and bird watch in one of the most eco rich places on Earth.

  2. Sports fishing Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a world-renowned destination for sport fishing. Try catch and release bill fishing in the Pacific Ocean for sailfish, striped, blue and black marlin, dorado, tuna and wahoo. Inshore sport fishing in Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf) for roosterfish, cubera snapper, jack crevalle, bluefin trevally, sierra mackerel, tripletail, and grouper is excellent throughout the year.

  3. Sloth hugging tree Costa Rica
    Wildlife & Eco Tours

    Four percent of the world’s wildlife lives in Costa Rica. That’s almost too many animals to count. Take a tour to see rare and beautiful creatures like the mantled howler and two-toed sloth. Bird watching is also a must. Over 800 species of birds reside in Costa Rica for all or part of the year.

  4. Kayak in the water Costa Rica

    Costa Rica’s waters are tons of fun. There are many places to play your favorite watersports. Take a surfing lesson, white-water raft down rivers, swim in a lake, and SUP everywhere. Get your feet wet by trying a soon-to-be new favorite watersport, like waterfall rappelling.

  5. Hiking in Costa Rica

    There’s high level hiking all around Costa Rica. Encounter thousands of different types of flora and fauna on your trek. Take a thrilling rainforest hike across beaches and past waterfalls in Corcovado National Park. You will hear and see a wide range of wildlife in this beautiful rainforest.

  6. Bicycling in Costa Rica
    Bicycle Touring

    There are are many stimulating paths and roads for both the casual and avid biker on the Osa peninsula. Casual riders will enjoy the rolling hills and flats as they meander along country back roads past fruit tree farms, fields, rustic casitas and rancheros. More advanced riders can explore steeper terrain that leads to commanding ocean views.


  7. Farm tours in Costa Rica
    Farm Tours

    Costa Rica’s tropical climate makes it a haven for harvesting coffee, fruit, vanilla, sugar, and cocoa. Finca Kobo Chocolate Farm on the Osa Peninsula experiments with new cultivation techniques. The tour concludes with an offering of fresh fruits produced on the farm, along with pure chocolate sauce for dipping.

  8. Zipline in Costa Rica

    Explore the hidden world of Costa Rica’s rainforest canopy. Ninety percent of Costa Rica’s animals live in a world hanging over your head. Tour the canopy from over 100 feet off the ground by zipline, hanging bridge, or air tram.

  9. Aerial view of Tortuguero National Park
    Top Things to do in Costa Rica

    With its high altitude cloud forests, tropical beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls and rivers Costa Rica is a nature lover's paradise. Here are six things to do in Costa Rica to make the most of your trip.

Crocodile Bay Resort
Costado Este del Aeropuerto de Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica 
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