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Costa Rica
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Costa Rica

Costa Rica means “rich coast” in Spanish, and it’s a fitting name. The picturesque coastlines along the Pacific Ocean are truly rich in beauty, but there’s even more to discover...


The land in Costa Rica is a hotbed of biodiversity. There are towering volcanoes to hike, tropical rainforests to explore, and rare species of wildlife to discover. In the beautiful cities and fertile farmlands, you find delicious melting pots of culture and flavor. When you’re ready for playtime in a tropical jungle gym, or a timeout on a breathtaking beach, come to Costa Rica to do both.

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Must Do
  1. Costa Rica fishing

    Costa Rica is a world-renowned destination for sport fishing. There are a multitude of locations and fish to catch. Fish for blue marlin and sailfish on an ocean tour off the Osa Peninsula; go reef fishing for snook on the shores of the Caribbean coast; or catch some rainbow bass in Lake Arenal’s freshwater. You’ll be hooked on the experience.

  2. Wildlife in Costa Rica

    Four percent of the world’s wildlife lives in Costa Rica. That’s almost too many animals to count. Take a tour to see rare and beautiful creatures like the mantled howler and two-toed sloth. Bird watching is also a must. Over 800 species of birds reside in Costa Rica for all or part of the year.

  3. Person holding cup of fresh chocolate drink
    Chocolate Tour

    A fun (and delicious) activity for the whole family, tour a chocolate farm for an interactive journey through the process of chocolate-making. You'll enjoy walking through cacao and fruit trees in a rustic setting, making chocolate from roasted beans, and indulging in tastings of premium naturally made dark chocolate.

  4. Hiking in Costa Rica

    There’s high level hiking all around Costa Rica. Encounter thousands of different types of flora and fauna on your trek. Take a thrilling rainforest hike past majestic waterfalls and volcanoes in Rio Celeste and Arenal National Park; or hike through the clouds of the otherworldly Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.